Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Phoenix Trip---Post 1

A few weeks ago we flew to Phoenix to visit my dad for the weekend. We drove to Billings, MT where my Grandma Black lives and picked up my sister Lindsay on the way. Our flight left Thursday afternoon from Billings and we arrived in Mesa, Az Thursday evening. I had so much anxiety about flying with the boys! I knew that it was either going to be a great trip or we were going to wish that we had just stayed home. :) Between the four of us (Lindsay, Jase, Grandma and I) we had three suitcases, a giant diaper bag, two carseats,three purses, and the two boys in their umbrella strollers!! We made it to the check-in counter and ditched the car seats and suitcases and made our way to security. I had literally been lying in bed for days making myself sick about going through security with the boys. I envisioned them screaming their heads off and all of us feeling flustered to keep the line moving and avoid having to be re-scanned. It actually went really well! We made it through security without a problem and only had a short time to wait to get on the plane. Once we got on the plane, Lindsay, Grandma and Jase with Stedson on his lap sat in one row and Treydon and I sat across from them. The boys fell right to sleep as soon as we took off which was an answer to my prayers! :)

Friday morning we woke up and did family pictures. It's a rare occasion that we are all together. I think they turned out really cute. The boys were not too happy about having to be held when there was so much wide open desert for them to explore. Here are a few of our favorites.

I have more pictures of the Phoenix Zoo but those will have to be in another post. My time is running short. :)

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