Thursday, February 2, 2012

Playing catch up!

Wow! I am behind on my "journaling". What's happened since Halloween? Well a lot! In November we went to Billings, MT to spend Thanksgiving with my Grandma Black and Aunt Sindy and her family. The best part of the trip was Black Friday shopping. I woke up at 3am on Friday and shopped until I dropped! I LOVE black friday shopping and hadn't been in a long time. It was so much fun! I was able to get all of our Christmas shopping done and got some fantastic deals!

December was a busy month for us. The first of the month Kolby and Diana and their girls came to Casper for the weekend so we were able to meet them for the day on Saturday. We took all the kids to see Santa Claus in the mall and then dropped the kids off at the hotel with Jase and Kolby and Diana and I did some shopping. It was a nice break! The boys did NOT like Santa one bit. We had taken them to our ward Christmas party the weekend before and they HATED Santa!!

Stedson & Treydon's visit with Santa in Casper

Kambria & Brielle with Santa..I love this picture of them!

This was their first visit with Santa at the Ward party.

We left for Star Valley on the 23rd and were able to stay for five days. The boys had some serious stranger danger issues, but finally warmed up when we were getting ready to leave. We had an awesome Christmas. We were surprised with an ipad on Christmas morning and I was moved to tears! :) We were soooo excited. The boys loved Christmas as well and had a lot of fun opening presents. It was nice to be home and spent time with my family.

Lindsay got the boys the cutest Broncos sweat suits for Christmas!

I stood in line on Black Friday to get this gun for Jase. He was so surprised!

SURPRISED by our ipads. :)

After spending time in Star Valley we went to Pegram for five days. The boys had warmed up a little to being around new people when we got there. We had a lot of fun. It's always refreshing to be home and be around our families and friends. The first of the trip I was so good at taking pictures and by the end I just didn't even think about it. Grandma & Grandpa Romrell got the boys some ride on four wheelers and they LOVE.

We are so grateful for Christ and his sacrifice in our behalf. We are truly blessed!

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  1. HA HA HA!! the pictures of your boys with Santa make me laugh. Every kid goes through that I swear. You have the cutest little guys, and I hand it to you to be able to handle two at once, I can hardly handle one!