Thursday, April 26, 2012


We had a great Easter. The boys were so cute this year with their, I loved playing the Easter Bunny! We went to an Easter Egg hunt that they had at the Rec Center here in town on Saturday the morning. Some may call me obsessive, but the boys and I practiced all day Friday for the Easter Egg Hunt! I would hold the egg up and say, "Go find these!" and we would run and look for them all over the house. It took a few times for them to figure out what in the heck their crazy mama was talking about, but once they did they were hooked. AND I am proud to say that my hard work and dedication in preparation for the egg hunt payed off. :) They had a blast when at the REAL egg hunt and would pick an egg up and hold it up for us to see and put it in their cute little baskets. It was adorable!!
Sunday morning the Easter Bunny stopped by (actually Saturday night :) and the boys were so excited to dig into their baskets. They have a serious obsession with dogs right now, actually all animals, but especially dogs. So they got a few dog board books and movies. Holidays are so much funner with kids!

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