Monday, April 9, 2012

Phoenix Trip--Post 2

We also went to the Phoenix Zoo while we were visiting my dad. It was a lot of fun! There was a petting zoo with VERY patient goats that didn't mind getting whacked in the head numerous times. The boys are so in love with animals right now so they loved the zoo.

My dad and Cara received a gift card to an Italian Restaurant for Christmas and were kind enough to save it for Jase and I so we could go out on a date while we were visiting them. I must say, it was something I was really looking forward to. We had so much fun! Eating out without the kids was heavenly...we love the kids of course but eating out with the two of them is not always relaxing. After dinner we walked around IKEA, my new favorite store. It was so fun to just have a little time to ourselves, we rarely get that! Thanks again Dad & Cara for the gift card and for watching the boys. :)

We flew out on Sunday. Boy oh boy was it ever a circus. We got to the airport at 8:30, our flight was scheduled to leave at 11:00. When we got there we found out it was delayed until 2:00. We were not happy! That was 6 hours in the airport with two toddlers. Our flight ended up not leaving until 3:00 and our time in the airport was as miserable as one might think. I really don't know how we would have survived without Lindsay and my grandma. Linds could read me really well and could see when I was close to a break down so she would trade me off. The boys ended up screaming most of the flight. I think by the time we got to Billings at 6:00, all 6 of us could have had a mental break down. :) Once we got to the airport we realized that our luggage had been left out in the rain for the 6+ hours that we had been waiting in the airport and the car seats had at least 2 inches of water on them. It was the cherry on top of the crap! We had to lay towels down on the car seats for the boys to sit on because we had a four hour drive home. It was a very exhausting day.

We had a great time in Phoenix though and it was so nice to be around family. Hopefully next time we go we will have better luck on the trip home. :)

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