Thursday, September 8, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

This last weekend my Grandma Hyde celebrated her 80th birthday. My mom threw a big surprise birthday party for her with all of my extended family, so we made the trip to Star Valley to be there for it. My Grandma is an extraordinary woman. She has been through so much in her 80 years of life! My Grandpa died at a young age and left her 6 young children to raise on her own. She is such a strong woman and such a great example to everyone in our family. One year ago she was diagnosed with colon cancer and she fought hard to beat it. As of right now she is cancer free! We are all so happy to have her in our lives and love her so much! There were 80 kids, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and friends in attendance. It was so fun to see some of cousins that I haven't seen in a very long time.

My mom made Grandma a beautiful quilt. She had every great-grandchild either draw Grandma a picture or draw their hand print on it. It turned out great.

Isn't the cake beautiful?

On Saturday we relaxed with my family and then went to Grandma & Grandpa Erickson's house for a bbq. That was the last time that we would see them for a year. They were called to serve in the Louisville, Kentucky mission and leave on Oct. 24.

On Sunday we went to church with my family, lasted through Sacrament meeting and then Treydon peed through everything so we had to go home. Jase was heartbroken. :)

The boys in their new church outfits.
On Sunday we said our goodbyes and left for Pegram. It was fun to spend some time with all of Jase's family Sunday night. Monday morning we went trap shooting. The boys did awesome! I was afraid that the sound of the gun going off would scare them but they actually did really well! It was a lot of fun!

After 5 poopy diapers, two screaming babies, one big puke, and locking Treydon in the truck with the keys inside, we FINALLY made it home. To be completely honest, I'm relieved we don't have to make that trip again for a few months. :)


  1. That quilt your mom made is incredible! such a cute idea! Love the boy's new church outfits, and of course, love all the pictures of everyone! Miss you!