Friday, September 23, 2011

10 (almost 11) Months OLD!

My baby boys are 10 months old (almost 11!). Where has the time gone? They are growing up into little boys and it sure makes this mama sad. They can do so much now. They are getting more and more independent as well as becoming such great friends. It is so fun to sit and watch them play with each other. They are crawling all over the place. Literally. I can go to one end of the house and within minutes they are at my feet. Treydon is now walking. He looks so cute because he is so short and small. Stedson is really close to walking too. He has taken 6 or 7 steps. It's so cute. Their sudden mobility has brought much more chasing around for mommy but I love it. They play so well together. They are constantly chasing each other and playing peek-a-boo and laughing together. Here is a little about each of them:

Stedson, (SJ, Steds Baby, S-Man, Big Fella)
LOVES food. All food really. He turns into a hungry bird whenever there is food of any kind out and is begging until you give him a little. :) He loves Treydon and loves to be chased by Treydon. When you start singing "Patty Cake" he does all the cute! He is an awesome sleeper and would probably sleep 24/7 if it wasn't for Treydon constantly waking him up. He LOVES popcicles and cords and pretty much anything that isn't a toy. He gets super sensitive when he is tired and everything becomes super dramatic. He also loves to stand at the dishwasher and play while I unload/load it. He has two bottom teeth and two top teeth that haven't quite popped through yet. He loves water, bathtime, playing in the hose, if there is water you can count on him splashing up a storm! He is just such a sweet little boy. He has this shy little smile that just melts your heart.

Treydon (Trey dog, T-Dog, Trey, little guy)

Is a flirt. He is such a smiley, happy little guy whenever we are in public and gets all sort of attention. He loves being held and loves attention. He likes using Stedson to pull himself up and is constantly using Stedson's hair to balance while standing. He loves wrestling with his daddy. He turns into an grumpy bear when he has teeth coming up and sure loves cuddle time with his mommy. He is constantly getting into stuff he shouldn't and when I say "Treydon get out of that!" or "Treydon! Come here!" he turns and smiles at me and continues to cause mischief. He knows how to throw a tantrum when Stedson steals a toy or when you take something away from him. He is just such a happy boy and is constantly making us laugh. He gives awesome hugs and kisses!

They both love to be places they aren't supposed to be, the bathroom, our room, the dishwasher, the fridge. They are mischievous little suckers. Treydon has learned how to point the remote to the TV and change the Chanel. Sure doesn't make daddy happy when he is in the middle of a football game!

The first video is Treydon walking and the second one is them playing with the laundry basket!


  1. Thanks for the blog invite! Your little family is so dang cute! :)