Monday, August 15, 2011

Visit Home

We just returned from a two week visit home. Jase's great-grandma, Mary Romrell, turned 100 on July 23rd so we left Thursday after work and made the 7 hour drive to Jase's house. The boys did awesome and were little troopers. I was so surprised at how well they handled being in the car. I was a little worried since they are bigger that it was going to be rough, but they did great. Saturday we went to the open house they had for Grandma Romrell. It was fun to be able to spend time with the Romrell family and celebrate Grandma's huge milestone.

Us with Great-Grandma Romrell. What an amazing lady!

On Sunday, after church in Pegram, the boys and I left for Star Valley and Jase left for Wright. He had to come back and work for a week and I got to spend a week with my family. I had such a fun time. It was so nice to have so much extra help with the boys. It's always so relaxing when I am home. I was able to spend some time with some friends from High School, tan on the back porch, shop at Hastings, and walk up the canyon with my mom and Tally. It was just what I needed. Jase came to Star Valley on Friday night after work and Saturday we headed up to one of my favorite spots, Crystal Lake or "Crystal Pond" as Jase calls it. We had a cookout and walked up to look at the lake. So much fun! I miss living in the mountains.


On Sunday we headed back to Pegram for the week. Jase enjoyed spending time on the ranch helping his dad and riding his dirt bike. He also had the chance to go golfing a few times with his brothers and had a blast! We went to Logan on Wednesday for Shonnee's endowments and spent the day in Logan with Jase's brother Kolby and his wife Diana, and his cousin Quinn and his wife Jessica. It was so much fun to be able to spend time with couples our age, that we have so much in common with. I don't have very many friends here and it was nice to spend time with Jess and Diana.

Shonnee's wedding was on Friday at the Bountiful Temple. Shonnee looked beautiful and it was a nice wedding. Friday and Saturday were the receptions, one in Idaho and one in Utah. Believe it or not I didn't take a single picture of the wedding or reception. We did however get some family pictures taken by Jessica ( She did so awesome! Here are a few of our favorites!


  1. I love it, I love it, I love it! The pictures look great on the blog! I'm so glad u like them. We had just as much fun with y'all, probably more. I love the friendship we have and look forward to doing lots more, you're such an awesome person!

    Love Jessica

  2. oh. my. GOSH. Your little boys are so stinkin cute!!!! I love their cute pudgy faces! I hope that all is well with you guys.