Thursday, August 5, 2010

Baby BOYS!

Our lives have sure been crazy this past week! We went to the doctor a month ago and they told us that they were 100% sure that we were having one boy and 60% sure that the other was a girl. We were a little annoyed that they couldn't tell for sure but we were very excited, but also knew that it could change at our next appointment. Last Friday we had our big Ultrasound where they check the hearts, spines, brains, etc of the babies. Jase took the day off so that he could go to the appointment and it was so much fun! We found out that we are most definitely having two little boys! :) We are very excited. As soon as she said that they were both boys, I looked over at Jase and he was smiling from ear to ear. He is so excited!!! They are not identical, they each have their own sacs. They are both doing very well. We were able to see their little faces, hands, and feet in 3D. They are growing very well and are exactly the size they should be at this point!

I have felt these two little boys moving quite a bit the past few weeks. It's a wonderful, humbling feeling and seems to make it all a bit more real. I love laying in bed at night with my hands on each side of my belly and feeling their little movements. I am growing two babies in my belly! What an amazing feeling.

For the most part I am feeling pretty well. I have had quite a bit of swelling in my hands, feet, and face the past week or so and ended up going into the doctor a few days ago to get it checked out. There is an increased risk for Preclampsia in twin pregnancy so they like to keep a close eye on blood pressure, swelling, and protein in the urine. My blood pressure has been exactly where it's supposed to be but they just want me to start taking it easy. They wanted me to pick up an at home blood pressure monitor so that I can monitor my blood pressure on a daily basis. Overall though I am doing very well and am trying to stay positive and enjoy every part of this pregnancy. :)

We are very excited about our two little sons. I can't wait to see my little boys and hold them in my arms!

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  1. We are so excited for y'all, how cool is that? What an awesome experience, enjoy the ride! You two are going to have your hands full, lol.