Saturday, June 19, 2010

One down, Eternity to go

Jase and I have been married for one year today. Where did the year go? We have been through so much this past year. When I woke up this morning to make Jase's lunch for him, I began re-living the details of our wedding day. Everything was perfect, in every single way. I have never felt so happy as I did on June 19, 2009. I remember being in the temple with Jase, waiting for our sealing ceremony to start and thinking "There is no way I could ever love him more than I do right now." I was wrong. I love him so much more than I did then. All morning long the song by Brad Paisley, "Then" has been stuck in my head and I think it describes perfectly the way I feel about my hubby. I am sure we will look back and think, "Man, and I thought I loved you then!"

Jase and I have been through so much this past year. I am blown away when I think about the places we have been and the things we have been through.
Here are a few of our highlights of the past year:

-Jase started and graduated from Lineman College
-I started online classes and finished three semesters
-We lived in four different states (Utah, Idaho, Kansas, Wyoming)
-Jase has worked as an Apprentice Lineman for six months
-We bought a truck
-I got pregnant!!
-We found out we are having TWINS!
-We have fallen more and more in love with each other every single day.

The past year hasn't been easy. We have had a lot of bumps in the road that we have had to jump over, but we have been so happy. I know that we can handle anything as long as we have each other. :) Happy Anniversary honey!


  1. Happy anniversary Whit! Love ya

  2. Happy Anniversary! And congrats on the twins, how fun! I hope your pregnancy goes by easily

  3. congrats!! Hope to see some prego pictures soon!!! congrats on the twins!