Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Life In Ulysses

Well we officially live in Ulysses, Kansas! It is SO different here then anything we have experienced before. Ulysses is a very small town, literally in the middle of NOWHERE! :) It is so flat. I have a horrible time figuring my directions out (not that I was good before) because I have always used the mountains as my guide. We have been here for two weeks now and we actually like it so far. Jase is working an outrageous amount of hours, which will be good for the paycheck, but not so good for me. There are literally no jobs here. I have been around to everything. There is a dollar store, Alco, a few grocery stores, and then three or four fast food places. No one is hiring. So for now, I spend a lot of time on the phone with my family, work on my classes, and watch way too much T.V. Jase seems to really like work so far. He has been working about 12 hours a day, six days a week! He is very exhausted when he finally gets home and wants to relax and watch T.V. I, on the other hand, am so dang stir-crazy from sitting around all day, I want to go do something!

The people in Ulysses seem very nice. We went to our ward for the first time last week and we honestly felt like celebrities. EVERYONE came and introduced themselves and made us feel very welcome. We have already ate dinner at two different families houses. It's truly amazing to me that no matter where you go, the Church is still true and a ward family still exists. It honestly has been a great experience so far.

It's amazing how everything has seemed to work out for us. We have had a few setbacks, and have felt very stressed at times, but The Lord has definitely had a hand in our lives the past month. We ended up renting a Penske truck to bring some of our stuff out here with us, and I am SO glad that we did. For a while we considered packing the car full and calling it good, but I would really be crazy if I didn't have a bed! We had to take the truck back to Amarillo, Texas because that was the closest location to Ulysses. We ended up driving through six states in two days, and let me tell ya, it was enough driving for the next six months! We drove from Idaho, to Wyoming, through Colorado, down to Kansas, to Oklahoma, and then to Texas! It was really a fun experience though. It has been so much fun experiencing new things, especially together.

This is the sun setting on the way into Ulysses. Beautiful.

Enjoying the loud, bumpy Penske ride!

Driving through Oklahoma!



  1. sounds like you guys are doing really well!!

  2. That sounds all too familiar! When we moved to CA we just loaded the car and drove out there..we had to go back with a rental to get everything else, it sucked! I also had a really hard time finding work so i can relate with the stir crazy feeling of wanting to get out and all the boys want to do is stay in. I hope you find something soon though so you don't lose your mind lol. This long over a thousand hours drives are totally not fun huh?! Looks beautiful though.

    p.s. Does that sign really say 54 mph in Texas? haha

  3. I totally know the stir crazy feeling. If you need someone to chit chat have my number. Love you!