Friday, February 19, 2010

February 2010

You would think with all the down time I have, I would be a better blogger. Here's what's been going on in our neck of the woods:

On February 4th, my studly husband turned the big 23! Funds at our house were a little tight from moving, rent, down deposits, rental trucks, etc. I had so many great ideas of what to get Jase (he never buys anything for himself) and wanted to get him something great sooo bad but we just did not have the money. Birthdays are a huge deal to me and always have been. My mom made our Birthdays so special growing up and I inherited her love. I felt so sad, really, really sad that I couldn't get Jase a present. I decided to buck it up and make do with what we had. :) I spent some time the day of his bday making him a homemade birthday banner, and scraped up enough money to buy the fixings for his favorite meal. Our apartment is too small for our kitchen table, so we took the legs off and have been storing it in the coat closet. I dug it out, and layed it on the floor (just the table top:) and decorated it as cute as I could. I even bought him a Mt. Dew and made him gift certificates for a back rub, dinner, a movie, and coveralls which he desperately needs. I think he enjoyed his little dinner and cake, and overall it was a pretty good b-day for him. :)
The Decorated table on the ground

All of his "presents" and cards from home

This is his homemade banner

We have been in Ulysses for one month already. Can you believe it? Jase works four weeks, six days a week, 12 hours a day, and then he gets a week off. I have been looking forward to his week off since the day we got here. He was definitely ready for a break. We decided to go to Denver, which is about five hours from Ulysses, and stay for a few nights. We had such a great time. We don't get to see each other very much since Jase works so much and this little vacation was very much needed. We left on Monday and checked into our hotel and then decided to try a Mexican Restaurant that we both had heard a lot about, Casa Bonita. They have live entertainment while you eat, gun shootouts, divers that jump from the top of rocks into a pool, singing, dancing, etc. It was a fun experience!

On Tuesday we walked around a few of the malls and went to see a movie. It is amazing how much we have missed being in a big city, with so much to to. We enjoyed a steak from Outback Steakhouse that we have been craving for four weeks, and Jase even took me to Olive Garden on Wednesday. We decided to go to the Temple on Wednesday, and it was a lot of fun. We had a fantastic trip.


  1. Hey! Chase, Mary and Us gave you that clock. It's nice to see it's being put to good use! I'm also glad you liked it enough to use it. Of course the boys could have cared less, but Mary and I liked it! We're getting excited for you guys coming. We're gonna have to think of something really fun to do!

  2. I miss you!! I love all the pictures!

  3. I loved your pictures! It's good to see that you guys are doing well and enjoyed some time off together.

  4. Whit your did a great job with the birthday. My first birthday married Reed got me a Huge jar of pickels. ha ha thats it. But they make the best memories.