Thursday, August 27, 2009

Idaho State Fair

Everything has been going great here in Boise. Jase starts school on Monday and I FINALLY got a job at a charter school in Meridian. It is a great job and I already love the kids I work with. 
One of the highlights of our time here has been the Idaho State Fair. I was soooo excited to go to the fair, but because they charge admission, we had to be very picky about the days that we wanted to attend. We decided to go to the Rodney Atkins concert on Wednesday night. You didn't have to buy a ticket, but just stand in line to get in and arrive early enough to get a seat in the grandstand. We had so much fun! 

His big entrance! There were so many people down in the standing area. 

This was one of the songs he sang. I just loved it. Try to ignore my horrible singing in the background. 

This was our favorite. I just love this song.  I can just imagine Jase riding around with our future son and saying this about his daddy. :)


  1. Was that Jase singing in the background? That looked fun, We see Jase got a Boise St. hat......Loser

  2. Haha. No I am pretty sure that is me in the background singing. I know, I sound like a man. It's embarrassing. Jase's hat was on sale for 8 dollars at the fair and he was pretty excited about it.

  3. Whit!! I hope you are doing well in Boise. Being married is the every minute of it. Love you!