Monday, August 17, 2009

Even though we aint got money....

Well we are officially living in Boise, ID! It has been quite an experience thus far. We got here a week ago. Our days have been filled with job applications, getting lost on one-ways, too much t.v., and phone calls to our families. Jase's parents packed up a horse trailer with all that we own (which isn't much) and brought us down. They helped up pack everything up to our little one bedroom apartment, on the third floor! We were all so sweaty and exhausted by the end. We went to Cabelas with them and grabbed something to eat. After a word of prayer together and a few tearful hugs, they were on there way. After they left, Jase and I stood in our apartment with all that we own in the front room staring at the door. I immediately began sobbing realizing that this was it....we are on our own! Jase tried to console me and tell me that it was going to be so fun, and it was all about us, and we needed to enjoy every minute of it. But I realized at that moment that Jase Romrell was the only person that I knew in this big town full of people. It was terrifying to me. But even though we ain't got money, and we are unemployed, living on mac and cheese and sandwiches, I am so in love with my husband. I am so happy and I have faith that the Lord will help me find a job and everything will work out great! I am sure he is just trying to teach us a little patience. :) 

I decided I would put some pictures up of our apartment. We didn't decorate it too much since we will only be here until December, but I couldn't stan
d to not put anything up! 

This is our kitchen. You can't see much of it but this is the bar, a
nd to the left of it is our table. 
Here is the living room. There is also a love seat and recliner.
And our bedroom. I actually really love our bedroom. It is so much bigger then our old apartment.


  1. you guys have a cute apartment! hope married life is good! life is hard but remember you have each other and the lord and everything will work!! remember both ur family love you!!

  2. Hey, we can definately relate to knowing what it is like to be poor and feeling all alone. I felt that way after we got married and we were flying out of Idaho for good, knowing we would only come back for visists, it was such a scary and empty definatley makes you appreciate your husband. I know you'll get through it and things will work out great! You have a cute little apartment and one day you'll look back and realize that you had everything you needed.