Friday, August 17, 2012

June 2012

Still catching up...June was a fun month for us! I had my big 25th Birthday..25 was not that fun of an age to turn if I am being close to 30! :) Jase got me an awesome bike trailer though and the boys and I have used it tons this summer. They really, really love it!
Kolby, Diana, Brielle, and Kambria came to Wright to visit for a weekend. We had so much fun with them! It was Wright days while they were here. The boys and I rode in the big Powder River Energy truck with Jase again this year for the parade. The boys have a serious truck love so they were in heaven! They were both so cute waving to everyone and attempting to throw candy.
After the parade we headed to South Dakota to go see Mt. was Diana's first time! The kids were so cute together. The boys LOVE Kambria and Elle! After Mt. Rushmore we went to the hotel ate pizza, and took the kids to the waterslide (in our hotel). They of course loved it, but not as much as Kolby and Jase... :) It was so nice to spend the weekend with them. We LOVED it!
The Monday after my mom and Tally came to stay for a week. Jase and I planned a trip to Vegas a few months ago and Mom and Tally graciously offered to come watch the boys for us. The came early hoping the boys would warm up to them and us leaving would be a bit easier on worked like a charm. The boys loved having them here.
Friday morning Jase and I snuck out (yes, I shed a few tears) and made our way to Casper where we flew out of. We had so much fun just the two of us for the weekend. We went to a Variety Show, rode the rides at the Stratosphere and New York New York and spent a lot of time walking the strip in HOT weather. It was much needed. We were happy to return to our boys though, and I think they were happy to see us. They did so great without us though loved being with "Ma-MA" and Tal.

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