Friday, May 27, 2011

7 Months Old! Seriously????

Treydon & Stedson are a whopping seven months old today! This is such a fun stage. They are soo giggly and happy all the time. They are sitting up perfectly well on their own, which is adorable. The toy stealing and pushing each other over has begun, but it's still a little cute at this point....I am sure that will change soon.
They are loving baby food and table food and are starting to eat things like cheerios and baby puffs. I seriously can't believe that my babies are old enough to eat REAL food. I shed a tear every time I pack their clothes up, which seems to be every few weeks.

They are playing really well together and love each others company. They will randomly crack up at each other, which then sets the other one off as well. It's adorable.

We had a lot of fun last weekend...Grandma Romrell & Uncle Kayden came to visit! The boys LOVED having them here and laughed non-stop at Kayden. Grandma spoiled them rotten and they loved all the attention. Jase came and got Kayden for the last few hours of work on Friday and took him up in the bucket truck!

The boys are officially scares me to death! Last week, I put them both on their little gym. They both started out on their stomachs. I watched them both roll over to their backs and then back over to their stomachs. I left the room for literally five minutes to change the laundry and came back to find this.

Stedson had made it over to the other side of the mat, and was resting. :) Treydon and scooted off the rug and was almost to the TV set. He was laughing and then would look up at me and whimper a little bit like "Come on Mom! Help me out!"

FINALLY! Time to break out the summer clothes!

Treydon showing off his new swim suit!

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  1. Whit! I can't believe how big they are getting! I just love the different stages of life!! So cute!