Saturday, April 30, 2011


We are loving the sun that has decided to grace us with it's presence. The boys are growing at a rapid rate and time needs to SLOW down. I am amazed every single day how much they learn. We were able to go home for 8 days and it was so much fun and very much needed. We have started enjoying living in Wright and have made some good friends, but nothing compares to being home with our family. The boys were so cute with everyone and definitely got very spoiled. Jase and I haven't been to the temple since last May so we decided to take a day while we were home and do a session at the Logan temple. My sister Heidi lives in Logan so we dropped the babies off with her. It was so nice to be together and take a break from our everyday lives. We don't ever leave the babies, there is no one here to watch them, so it was a nice break. I think Auntie Heidi may have been a bit overwhelmed with the two screaming babies we left her with, but she did a great job and we REALLY appreciated it. We also got to eat at Texas Roadhouse, one of our favorites. While we were in Pegram, Jase got to spend some much needed time with his dad and brothers hunting and working on the ranch. I think he enjoyed the break from "baby duty" and I enjoyed the help from his Mom and Shonnee. My sisters were able to come home to Star Valley while we were there and I was able to do some of the "girly" things I miss out on. It was so much fun to be all together and it really made me realize how much I miss being able to spend a lot of time with them.

We had a great Easter. The boys were adorable with their baskets. We had an Easter feast at our friends, Erick and Amy's house. It was great to take a little extra time and remember the Savior and everything he has done for us.

The boys are six months old. Where did the time go? I can't believe it. They are definitely mobile, rolling all over the place. We are working hard on solids. They don't love it yet, but they are improving. They NEED to improve so we stop going through such an insane amount of formula. Right now we go through a can and a half a day. It's unbelievable! They are at such a fun stage and we are loving it. They love each other and really seem to notice each others presence. Stedson thinks Treydon is hilarious and is constantly cracking up at his every move. It's so adorable. Here are a few pics from our trip and Easter. :)


  1. they are so cute and getting so big!!!

  2. I love those pictures. They are so cute!! It looks like Easter was successful!

  3. the picture of them in their baseball outfits is SOOOO cute. I love that one. Love you. cant wait to see you this weekend! :)

  4. Whit your little family is adorable! Im glad that you are doing well!