Friday, December 3, 2010


As I sit in my recliner, thinking about all that I need to get done during the few precious hours that both babies are sleeping, I am overwhelmed with love for these little fellas. I'm not going to lie, I am EXHAUSTED. I don't remember a time in my life when I have been this tired before. Between diaper changes, outfit changes, feedings, bottle sterilizing, and pumping it's hard to fit much else in. Yesterday I was particularly tired. I hadn't got much sleep the night before and my house needed a good cleaning. I had just got the boys down and was taking a little break before jumping into cleaning and getting ready for the day. I was listening to the country channel on the satellite, and Reba McEntire's song "When You Have A Child" came on. If you haven't heard this song, google it. One line of the song says "The first time you hold 'em it's like you see God's smile, what a smile, when you have a child." I do see God smile every time I look at my precious little angels. It doesn't matter how many times I get peed, puked, or pooped on I see God smile every time I look at them. I never knew I could love this much. I would do anything for these little guys. They bring so much joy to our lives already, I can't imagine our lives without them. They are almost six weeks old. Can you believe it? They are changing so much already. I am trying to soak every bit of them in because I know they won't stay small for long. I feel so blessed to be given the gift of Motherhood.

Daddy & his boys

Stedson Jess

Treydon Jay

Little cuties


  1. Whit, you're going to be such an amazing mother, you already are! I love your little family so much :)

  2. They are so adorable. I hope you don't mind me checking your blog. I'm a friend of The Romrells. Amber (Ward) - Jase should know me. Anyway. CONGRATS on those little cuties!

  3. I see Jase is thoroughly enjoying that recliner! Your little guys are absolutely adorable, and we all can't wait to meet them! Thanks for the Christmas card it was way cute!
    Can't wait to see you over Christmas!