Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tal's Beads & Things

11 year old sister, Matalya started her own business. :)  She makes adorable bracelets and has some really cute beads. She made all of my sisters a bracelet for my wedding and everyone loved them. I took some pictures of some of her bracelets while I was home this weekend and told her I would post them on here along with her contact info in case anyone wanted to order some. She works on them after school and will mail them to you if need her to. 
If you want to place an order give her a jingle or write her an email. Most of them are about $3 a piece...and she is DEDICATED. :)


Matalya Erickson
(307) 886-0181

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  1. I love Tal! This so reminds me of myself...you should ask my mom how many "businesses" I started growing up. Love it! I just may have to see if she can make me a cute little one for baby Kamri. =) Love you!